The vision of Three Oaks Christian School is to make Christian education within the economic reach of the mission field we serve. You can help support this purpose with your tax deductible gift of money and supplies. Here is a short list of simple material items that we are in need of to begin this fall. Thank you in advance for your generosity!!

Recess Equipment

 benches, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, gaga ball pit

General Supplies

picnic tables, washer/dryer, foam flooring squares (Pre-K)

Office: highlighters, staplers, staples, masking tape, Scotch tape, Sharpies, white-out, paper clips, binder clips, file folders, post-it notes, 3-hole punch, copy paper (white & color), “Property of Three Oaks Christian School” stamp

Lunchroom: (extras in case students forget) plastic forks & spoons, paper plates, napkins, Clorox-wipes

Classroom: dry erase (markers & erasers), chalk, poster tape, pencil sharpeners, index cards, binder rings, construction paper, butcher paper, laminating pouches 3mil, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer


latex gloves, band-aids, disposable pillow covers,