August 2018 Newsletter

We are celebrating a great start to the school year! It’s a thrilling experience to be a part of a ministry on the ground level. The students, staff and teachers shared many ” firsts” this week. A few highlights;

  • Ribbon cutting ceremony and group picture on Monday.
  • First lunch prayer led by a very brave Kindergartner.
  • Smiles all around on day two as another Kindergartner followed suit.
  • Chapel focused on Genesis 1, and Mr. Kloepper reminded the students through the creation story that THEY are unique, special creations.
  • Language Arts class was held under a tree on a beautiful day!
  • Recess enjoyed by students of all ages playing together and enjoying the perfect weather.
  • Prayer requests taken, God’s name proclaimed and words of wisdom imparted from our committed teachers.
  • Prayer led at lunch by a brave 8th grader on day 3!
  • Butterflies released at recess reminded us all of the creative mind of God. 
  • Began the tradition of singing the Doxology on Fridays before dismissal.” Praise God from whom all blessings flow. “